18 October 2018

Boy doing cartwheelOn Thursday 18 October, the Minister for Human Services the Hon Roger Jaensch MP, released the Outcomes Framework for Children and Young People in Out of Home Care (outcomes framework).

The outcomes framework was developed in consultation with children and young people with a care experience from around Tasmania. The willingness of children and young people to share their views and experiences on out of home care is gratefully acknowledged and incredibly valuable.

The framework recognises that outcomes for children and young people in out of home care should be the same as for any child in the community and they have the right to the same expectations and hopes for their lives and future. Building a better out of home care system is essential to improving the wellbeing and future success of vulnerable children and young people unable to live with their parents.

The outcomes framework is the first step in improving care to children and young people because it establishes clear expectations of what successful out of home care looks like.

The Fact Sheet: Voices of Children and Young People in Out of Home Care showcases the views of children and young people expressed during the development of the Outcomes Framework.

The outcomes framework and accompanying fact sheet can both be found here