Gambling risks in Australia. Information for migrants and international students:

A series of videos have been developed by the Gambling Support Program in Communities Tasmania to help explain gambling issues and risks for migrants and international students in Australia. These videos  show where migrants and international students living in Tasmania can find help and support for gambling problems. The videos also suggest places newly arrived migrants can meet new friends, including Neighbourhood Houses, and where to gain employment skills and qualifications.

The videos can be accessed here .

Professional development resources for health and community workers:

A new section added to the Know Your Odds website by the Gambling Support Program, in Communities Tasmania. this new section includes a new online resource about problem gambling.

The resource helps health and community workers support clients who may be affected by problem gambling. It helps identify the signs of problem gambling, give the right information, and make the most suitable referrals to clients and their families who may be at risk of gambling related harm.

The new resources can be found here.