A boy with Premier Peter Gutwein and a Muslim girl

The Premier Peter Gutwein released the Child and Youth Wellbeing consultation report, Your Voice, Your Views, Your Say, in Parliament last week.

child friendly A3 poster-style summary of the consultation report has also been released.

The Department of Communities Tasmania, together with the Department of Premier and Cabinet, have led the consultation to develop Tasmania’s first comprehensive whole-of-government strategy for children and young people 0-25 years old.

Cover of Child and Youth Wellbeing consultation report

Over 3,500 contributions to the consultation were received from children, young people, parents, carers, advocates and service providers across Tasmania. The personal stories, views and insights received form the basis of the consultation report and the evidence base to develop Tasmania’s Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy.

Tasmanians were able to provide feedback in a variety of ways: through paper-based, digital and face-to-face channels.

In collaboration with our colleagues in the Department of Education, the Child and Youth Wellbeing Team ran a ‘postcards to the Premier’ project. Postcards were distributed to schools, Child and Family Learning Centres, libraries, childcare settings and other child and youth services across the state. More than 800 children wrote directly to the Premier. When releasing the report, the Premier shared some of the postcards that children had written to him and said he was moved by how deeply children and young people care about our State, our environment and our people.

The consultation also involved more than 1,000 face-to-face conversations statewide, over 170 online survey responses and more than 60 formal submissions to a discussion paper.

Some of the key themes from the consultation include:

  • Better access to health care and mental health services;
  • More support for families;
  • Safe places for children to play, learn and grow;
  • Addressing bullying and family violence;
  • Access to affordable and stable housing;
  • Flexible education options responsive to individual needs;
  • Education that assists in getting young people work ready and aligns with available jobs;
  • Addressing environmental issues such as climate change, pollution and plastic waste.

All public contributions, and the consultation report, are available to view at www.wellbeing.tas.gov.au.

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