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The Tasmanian Government is committed to improving the outcomes for all young people at risk in Tasmania. Youth at risk require collaborative intervention across government and non-government service sectors in order to identify risk and intervene earlier in the lives of vulnerable young people.

We are listening to young people, understanding what they need and taking action to improve their lives. Tasmania’s Affordable Housing Strategy includes a range of actions targeted at young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in each region of the state.

Two new Youth Foyers will be purpose-built in Burnie and Hobart for young people, who are at risk of homelessness or exiting out-of-home-care. Youth Foyers are more than just supported accommodation facilities, they are integrated learning and accommodation settings. Working with the community sector, we can empower our young people to build better lives for themselves and achieve genuine independence by taking a holistic approach to meeting their needs.

A new Youth at Risk Centre will be constructed in Launceston to provide short term accommodation for children and young people. This new facility will provide a safe and supportive environment for young people, with access to a range of social and therapeutic services intended to help them stay connected to support networks and education. In addition, we will expand Thyne House in Launceston to deliver more support.

We will work with Youth Family and Community Connections to relocate their youth shelter to Burnie. This will help more young people out of crisis and to re-engage with education, training or employment.

A new Taskforce will be established with representatives of the community sector to identify and prioritise care for children who are under 16 years old, at risk of homelessness and are not in out-of-home care.

We will work with Anglicare to transition Tasmania’s three current youth supported accommodation facilities into Education First Youth Foyers based on ‘advantage-thinking’ models of best practice.


Tasmania has the most integrated housing and homelessness system in Australia. Housing assistance ranges right across the entire housing spectrum, from homelessness services to home ownership assistance, and is aimed to match tailored solutions to a person’s individual needs.

In releasing the Affordable Housing Action Plan 2019 – 2023 (Action Plan 2), the Government has set out the shape of its housing plan for the next four years. It focuses on constructing more affordable homes, releasing more land close to services and employment, and providing supported accommodation for targeted groups so that Tasmanians have better access to the housing and support they need.

Stage Two builds on the work of Stage One and brings our total investment for affordable housing to almost $200 million over eight years. Stage Two will provide an additional 1500 new affordable homes for Tasmanians, and assist around 2000 households, increasing the total number of new affordable homes to 2400, with around 3600 households assisted.