The Tasmanian Government is delivering more supported accommodation for young people at risk of homelessness.

The  Youth2Independence Program (Y2I) is a government initiative under Action Plan 2 of Tasmania’s Affordable Housing Strategy Action Plan 2, action 13.4.

Y2I is based on the international Education First Youth Foyer program which supports young people to develop and succeed in education and employment pathways and transition to independent young adults.

It recognises that  each person has opportunities and resources that can be developed, has the  right to make their own decisions and should be supported to work through the things that have limited them, all so they can enjoy a good life.

There are three Y2I pathways for young people based on their assessed need:

  • Y2I facilities
  • Y2I Homes – cluster homes
  • Y2I Homes – share-homes.

What is Y2I?

Y2I provides accommodation and support for young people to become independent by participating in education and training.
Rent is 25 per cent of the young person’s income.
A young person accepted into Y2I will be aged 16-24 years who is experiencing or at risk of homelessness and willing to participate in education and training. This could be:

  • high school of college
  • training with or without a certificate
  • apprenticeship, traineeship or employment.

To be eligible, a young person also agrees to ‘The Deal’.
‘The Deal' is an agreement between the young person and Y2I including completion of a  Certificate 1 in Developing Independence (DI).
The DI recognises the unique skills and talents of each young person and supports their  participation in six areas to achieve independence.
In return, the  young person enjoys safe, secure, supported and affordable accommodation.

Y2I facilities

There are three Y2I  facilities statewide managed by Anglicare Tasmania:

  • Thyne House in Launceston
  • Eveline House in Devonport
  • Trinity Hill in Hobart.

A 25-bed Y2I  facility will be built in Burnie, a second facility with 26-beds will be built  in Hobart and the capacity of Thyne House will be expanded by a further 20-beds.

Youth and Family Community Connections has been selected as the preferred provider for the Burnie facility and Anglicare for the Hobart facility.

The Tasmanian Government is committed to increasing access to housing to young Tasmanians in need, allocating total funding of $7.86 million between the two service providers to operate these facilities.

Construction tender now open

Y2I Homes

The Tasmanian Government has committed over $5 million to expand the Y2I program for  young people who will benefit from living in small, home-like environments.
Y2I Homes will help improve the lives of around 50 young people exiting shelters, statutory care,  or youth detention every two years.
Y2I Homes will deliver 20 new modular homes and convert 10 larger public housing properties, by 30 June 2022.

Two Y2I Homes pathways will be available with an onsite manager for young people who need 24/7 support in the cluster homes and in-reach support for young people living in the share-homes with low support needs.

Cluster homes will provide five one-bedroom units and on-site manager unit over four sites in the Burnie, Devonport, Launceston and Clarence municipalties. Share-homes will be located nearby.

Request for Grant Proposal Now Open

Proposals are invited from suitably experienced provider(s) to deliver Y2I Homes in the north west, north and south of the state. For more information go to the Request for Grant Proposal - Y2I Homes page.

Information for housing and homelessness services

Y2I Supported Accommodation Policy

More Information

Communities Tas is committed to working closely with young people, key stakeholders, end user groups in the design and delivery of Y2I.

In 2019, staff, senior management and residents of youth facilities were consulted to gather their perspectives and ideas to inform the design of the new facilities and services for young people.

The findings of this consultation process are outlined in the Consultation Report - New Youth Supported Accommodation Projects - February 2020.