Private Rental Incentives 

Eligible persons may apply, and property owners may register, under the current Private Rental Incentives Pilot until 30 June 2019.

A revised Private Rental Incentives Program will commence under Tasmania’s Affordable Housing Action Plan 2019-2023 (Action Plan 2). Information about the revised program will be made available before the Pilot ends.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Housing Tasmania at

or (03) 6777 1267 – North and North West, and (03) 6166 3625 – South.

Private Rental Incentives Pilot

  • pays property owners $10 000 in the North and North West and $13 000 in the South when leasing an eligible property to low-income Tasmanians
  • provides guaranteed rent to the owner for 12 months
  • uses experienced tenancy managers to manage tenancies
  • is supported by the Real Estate Institute of Tasmania, Community Housing Providers and Housing Connect.

This Pilot is funded under Tasmania’s Affordable Housing Action Plan 2015-2019 (Action Plan 1) and administered by Housing Tasmania to help low income Tasmanians access the private rental market.

Incentives will be offered to property owners to encourage them to make their private rental properties available and affordable to low income households. Properties are needed that are suitable for singles, couples or families across Tasmania.

This is a Pilot and it is anticipated that 110 properties will be made available by June 2019.

Property Owners

Property owners can register for the Pilot through Housing Tasmania and must meet eligibility criteria to participate; eligibility criteria are outlined below. Properties must be affordable to low income households.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Housing Tasmania at

or (03) 6777 1267 – North and North West, and (03) 6166 3625 – South.

Image of the Housing Connect logoHousing applicants - making an application for housing

For further information or to apply to be housed in a Private Rental Incentives property, please contact Housing Connect on 1800 800 588.

Information for applicants and tenants can also be found here

Eligibility criteria for properties

Suitable properties must:

  • be in close proximity to services, especially: health services, public transport, and shops/grocery stores (open on weekends)
  • meet minimum standards under the Residential Tenancy Act 1997 (Tas)*
  • be covered by landlord insurance (evidenced by a certificate of currency)
  • be vacant (or will become vacant before 30 June 2019)
  • be available to rent for 12 months
  • be offered at an affordable rent (see What is affordable?)

Suitable properties are not required to be furnished

There is a strong preference for one and two bedroom properties throughout the State. However, larger homes are also required across all regions.

*What are the minimum standards?

The Residential Tenancy Act 1997 (Tas) specifies the requirements for Minimum Standard.

For further information see:

What is affordable?

The rent that a property owner is willing to charge to participate in this Pilot must be at or below the maximum rents set out in the table below. It is intended that the new rent will be lower than what a property owner may currently receive in the market.

Maximum rents during participation



Maximum Rents

North West



























Maximum rents have been set at 20 per cent below the median market rent for the property (based on size and location of the property). Property owners must be willing to receive no more than the maximum rent for their property when participating in this Pilot.


Application Form for Property Owners and Agents

Private Rental Incentives - Fact Sheet

Private Rental Incentives - Information for Applicants and Tenants

Private Rental Incentives - Information for Owners and Agents