The Huntingfield land release project is the first of its kind in Tasmania where innovative planning will deliver a broad mix of housing options and ownership for the Tasmanian community.

More Homes for Tasmanians

This includes some lower cost, smaller blocks of land which will increase housing affordability for families and retain at least 15 per cent of the lots for new social and affordable housing. Communities Tasmania will deliver this subdivision in conjunction with private sector partners.

Recreational Areas

Part of the land will be developed for residential purposes while half of the site will be set aside for green spaces and include tracks and paths for cycling and recreational walking.

Commercial Facilities

The creation of two new retail spaces within the new development will provide opportunity for new services and businesses for new residents, as well as the existing Huntingfield community.


Primary access to the site will be from the Channel Highway via a new road network. Changes to traffic systems and the creation of new road infrastructure will enhance safe and efficient uses of road networks in the area.

The new road network will be public transport friendly and will create the opportunity for bus services for the new homes as well as the existing Huntingfield community.

Master Plan

The Huntingfield Draft Master Plan outlines the proposed development.

Printable version of the Huntingfield proposed development layout concept.