The subdivision is a large project that will take up to seven years to complete. We are implementing the development in stages to deliver critical infrastructure and more than 200 residential lots.

The first step will seek planning approval for a new access roundabout. The roundabout will provide a safer intersection on the Channel Highway.

The next step will be to seek planning approval for stage 1 of the Huntingfield subdivision. This step will deliver 220 of the anticipated 470 residential lots.

Following the approval process, consultants will be engaged to develop the detailed design for the roundabout and the first tranche of housing.

The planning approval process includes a statutory consultation period where interested community members can make comments or representations on the development application.

Planning applications that have been submitted to Kingborough Council are advertised on their website. You can follow the link to the Kingborough Council website here.

The construction tender will be available from the Tasmanian Government’s Tenders website when it publicly released.

Following the construction of the roundabout, the detailed design for stage 1 of the Huntingfield subdivision will be developed for construction.