Housing Tasmania plans to subdivide Government owned land at Huntingfield into 472 lots.

A large portion of these lots will be sold on the open market and will include smaller lots designed to be more affordable.

Up to fifteen percent of lots will be kept for affordable rental housing.

The project will deliver almost equal amounts of residential land and public open space.

Two small commercial areas will also create opportunities for small businesses such as cafes, hair salons and take-aways.

The subdivision is east of the Channel Highway, between Huntingfield and the North West Bay Golf Club.

Housing Tasmania is subdividing the land and will partner with private developers to deliver land and homes for sale.

The subdivision is for anyone who wants a home in Kingborough.

The first step will be to build a road from the existing suburb of Huntingfield to a new a round-a-bout on the Channel Highway.

After that the land will be developed in stages, building roads, footpaths and installing services ready for homes to be built.

Works are anticipated to commence late 2020, subject to the planning process.

The first lots are anticipated to be available in late 2022.

The subdivision plan includes roads suitable for Metro Tasmania busses.

Metro Tasmania is considering new bus services through the new subdivision, as well as new services into the existing Huntingfield area. The Department of State Growth is planning a Park & Ride location nearby, allowing for people living away from bus routes to access public transport in the area.

The subdivision will be staged and may take four to seven years, depending on how quickly the blocks sell.

Housing affordability is a problem affecting many Tasmanians.

Increasing the amount of land available for new homes will help reduce the upward pressure on land prices.

Including some smaller lots in the subdivision will help Tasmanian families buy homes at affordable prices.

Housing Tasmania will keep a small percentage of land. This will be used for social housing.

The creation of a new round-a-bout will ease the bottleneck at the Algona Road round-a-bout by providing traffic from Huntingfield an alternative route to join the Channel Highway

The Department of State Growth have already considered the impact of the new subdivision on traffic. They are taking this, and other recent subdivisions into account in their plans for future upgrades of the Channel Highway.

TasWater have planned for growth in the area and enough capacity already exists to service these lots as well as other current and future developments in Kingborough.

The subdivision will provide homes for a broad range of Tasmanians.

Lots will range from smaller lots (132m² - 165m²) suitable for townhouses and units providing affordable, easily maintainable smaller homes, right through to lots suitable for larger family homes (larger than 500m²).

The average lot size is 450m².

Until now only preliminary consultation has occurred. This has involved parties including the Department of State Growth and TasWater.

This early consultation helped to guide and shape the draft subdivision plan.


Now a draft subdivision plan is available, Housing Tasmania is commencing broad consultation with residents, community stakeholders, interested parties and the wider public.

Your input is important to us.

There are a number of ways you can provide your input into the Huntingfield Draft Master Plan.

One way you can learn more on the Huntingfield Land Release Project and provide your input is by accessing the Social Pinpoint page at: https://huntingfield.mysocialpinpoint.com/huntingfield-master-plan

Social Pinpoint is an interactive web-based platform where you will be able to learn more information on the Master Plan and provide direct feedback on its key elements.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 response measures we are unable to hold the face-to-face information sessions and briefings we had planned. The interactive tool will offer members of the public to learn about the project and to make comments, and email and mail will still be available. We feel it is important to proceed with the project in these difficult times as the more progress we can make at this time, the sooner works can commence. We believe once our lives return to normal, both employment and affordable homes will be important, and this project will create both.

Housing Tasmania will use feedback from the consultation to refine and finalise the Huntingfield Draft Master Plan before lodging a Development Application with Kingborough Council.

Further consultation will occur during the planning process. During this time the Kingborough Council will seek responses from interested parties.

Housing Tasmania will run a competitive process to find a suitable developer to partner with Housing Tasmania to develop the subdivision to the standard required.

Many local contractors and sub-contractors will be employed on this project.

The subdivision works are expected to inject around $19 million into the local economy, creating over 140 local jobs.

The construction of homes on the land is expected to generate over $120 million, creating over 850 jobs.

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