The Initiative

The Huntingfield Land Release is a key initiative under the Government’s Affordable Housing Strategy. This subdivision will deliver around 470 residential lots.

The land lies east of the Channel Highway, between Huntingfield and the North West Bay Golf Club.

The Huntingfield Land Release project will provide a broad mix of housing options and tenures for the Tasmanian Community. This will include the provision of lower cost, smaller blocks of land which will increase housing affordability for families.

Kingborough is experiencing strong growth and this project will help address potential shortfalls in affordable housing now and into the future.

The project will bring significant ongoing economic and social benefits to the local area and the broader Tasmanian Community.

With around 470 lots to be created, the project will provide significant employment opportunities including the creation of long-term jobs, particularly in the housing industry.

The subdivision works are expected to inject around $19 million into the local economy and create over 140 full-time jobs.

The construction of homes is expected to result in almost $120 million in economic activity, creating over 850 jobs.

The Huntingfield Draft Master Plan is now available to show the Kingborough community our vision for the development. We are now seeking input from the community on this Master Plan. Through consultation and feedback, we will refine and finalise our plan before lodging a Development Application with the Kingborough Council.

You can explore the features and design of the new subdivision, leave your comments and see the comments of other people at the Huntingfield Social Pinpoint Page

I am interested in living in the new subdivision. What can I Do?

To register interest in buying land or a home write to us or send an email at the addresses below.



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1800 995 653

Huntingfield Land Release
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