Education First Youth Foyers are a government initiative under Action Plan 2 of Tasmania’s Affordable Housing Strategy.

Action 13.4 of the Action Plan commits Communities Tasmania to work with Anglicare Tasmania to transition Tasmania’s existing Youth Supported Accommodation Facilities, into Education First Youth Foyers (Foyers), based on ‘advantage thinking’ models of best practice.

By employing these best practice methods, and by developing and investing in the skills and assets of young people, these Foyers will increase the excellent outcomes already being achieved from this type of housing in Tasmania.

What is an Education First Youth Foyer?

Youth Foyers are much more than a place to provide accommodation. They are integrated learning and accommodation settings for young people, who have experienced homelessness, or at significant risk of becoming homeless, or exiting out-of-home care.

Working with the community sector, Foyers take a holistic approach to meeting the needs of young people and focus on empowering them, so they can build better lives for themselves and achieve genuine independence.

Aims of the Education First Youth Foyer model

The Youth Foyer model aims to reduce the instances of young people cycling through the homelessness system. It does this through coaching and supporting young people to complete education qualifications and gain productive employment.

With a maximum tenancy of two years, young people will also be supported in their transition into mainstream accommodation options including private rentals.

Where to from here?

Housing Tasmania is collaborating with cross-sector stakeholders to build world class Education First Youth Foyers in Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie. The transition is now well underway. A Blue Print and Road Map have been completed that detail what change is needed and how it will be achieved.  The project will work towards full transition of all three existing sites and two new sites to become Education First Youth Foyers by 2025.

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Looking for more information?

Housing Tasmania is committed to working closely with young people, key stakeholders, end user groups in the design and delivery of these important new assets.

In alignment with this commitment, in 2019, staff, senior management and residents of youth facilities were consulted to gather their perspectives and ideas to inform the design of the new facilities and services for young people.

The findings of this consultation process are outlined in the Consultation Report - New Youth Supported Accommodation Projects - February 2020.