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"Housing Connect is funded to provide help to Tasmanians who are eligible persons under the Homes Act 1935 (the Homes Act)."

What is the Homes Act?

The Homes Act 1935 (the Homes Act) is the law that governs how housing assistance and housing support services help ‘eligible persons’ in need for as long as they need it.

Who are ‘Eligible Persons’?

The Director of Housing determines who is an eligible person. On 19 April 2018, the Director of Housing determined the people who are, or will be, in need of housing assistance are 'eligible persons'. It was determined that an eligible person:

  • is homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, or
  • lives in housing that is unsafe or unsuitable, or
  • is a safety risk to themselves or others or there is a third party threat to them, or
  • is living in housing that does not meet or makes worse their health or mobility, or
  • does not have the financial capacity to meet their housing needs

Eligible persons are only able to obtain or maintain their housing if they get housing assistance.

What is housing assistance?

There are many types of housing assistance for eligible persons:

  • short-term housing – including crisis or emergency accommodation
  • sale of housing – including HomeShare
  • letting housing – including private and social housing
  • financial assistance for bond or rent
  • financial assistance to buy housing, including Streets Ahead

The determination has effect from the date it is made and continues until it is revoked.