How can the Essential Maintenance Package help me?

HomeShare and the Streets Ahead Incentive Program help Tasmanians on low to moderate incomes to buy a home from Housing Tasmania.

If you receive help through HomeShare or Streets Ahead, you will also qualify for the Essential Maintenance Package (EMP).

The EMP provides assistance if an essential major item in your home fails and needs to be replaced after you have bought the house from Housing Tasmania.

Am I eligible?

If you have received HomeShare or Streets Ahead help, you are eligible for the EMP.

How does it work?

The EMP lets you make as many claims as you need, up to a limit of $2 000 per house. It covers you for a period of two years and starts from the date of settlement when you buy your home.

EMP may only be used to replace an item if it fails, not to repair an item.

How do I make a claim?

Contact Housing Tasmania first, who will confirm you are eligible for EMP help. Housing Tasmania will keep a record of how much it costs each time you make a claim. What does it cover?

The EMP covers the replacement of non-repairable essential major items, including:

  • primary heating source
  • stove
  • hot water cylinder
  • household wiring and
  • household plumbing infrastructure (including sanitary items).

The EMP may also be used to pay for an electrical check. This is available from the date of settlement when you buy the home and is included in the $2 000 limit.

The EMP does not include:

  • structural defects
  • floor coverings
  • interior decoration
  • landscaping
  • fencing
  • general maintenance including but not limited to:
    • locks
    • window latches
    • tap-ware
    • heater elements
    • stove hot plates and elements
    • hot water service elements
    • light switches
    • power points
    • light fittings and
    • any components identified in any pre-purchase building report obtained with the Agreement of Sale.

What happens if I make a claim and the cost is more than $2 000, or more than the amount I have left to use?

It will be your responsibility to arrange for an outside contractor to complete the works required.

Housing Tasmania will reimburse you the part-payment up to the total amount of assistance that is available to you. You will need to give Housing Tasmania the receipt and/or invoice for the works completed.

Is there an after-hours service available?

No. Access to the EMP is available during normal office hours only (9:00 am – 5:00 pm weekdays).

Who do I contact for more information?

Please contact Housing Tasmania General Enquiries on 1300 665 663 for further information regarding the EMP.

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