Communities Tasmania plans to subdivide land owned by the Director of Housing at Huntingfield into approximately 470 lots.

The majority of these lots will be sold on the open market.

The project will deliver a range of lot sizes, from town house size to low density residential, with an average lot size of 450 m2.

The inclusion of small lot housing will be a first in Tasmania.

It is a successful, nationally-recognised strategy to achieve affordable home ownership where increasing land values are pushing many families further and further from the housing market.

Most of the land will be offered for open market sale, at a range of price point deliberately targeting families and people wanting to live in a master planned subdivision.

Approximately 15 per cent of lots will be kept specifically for social rental housing. Additional affordable housing will also be provided. Further information on the mix and tenure of housing will be available once the Detailed Design is completed.

The project will deliver almost equal amounts of residential land and public open space.

Two small commercial areas will also create opportunities for small businesses such as cafes, hair salons or convenience stores.

The subdivision is east of the Channel Highway, between Huntingfield and the North West Bay Golf Club.

The Department of Communities Tasmania is subdividing the land and will partner with private developers to deliver land and homes for sale.

The subdivision is for anyone who wants to live in Kingborough.

Social Housing: is housing provided by the government (public housing) and non-government organisations (community housing) with below-market rent prices.

Affordable Housing: refers to rental homes or home purchases that are affordable to low income households, meaning that the housing costs are low enough that the household is not in housing stress or crisis.

The first step will be to build a road from the existing suburb of Huntingfield to a new a round-a-bout on the Channel Highway and to develop the first tranche of housing.

After that the land will be developed in stages, building roads, footpaths and installing services ready for homes to be built.

Works are anticipated to commence in early 2022.

The first lots are anticipated to be available in 2023.

The subdivision plan includes roads suitable for Metro Tasmania buses.

Communities Tasmania is working with Metro Tasmania and the Department of State Growth on transport options for the development.

A proposed bus route and catchment areas can be viewed here.

The subdivision will be staged and depending on sale of land, is expected to be completed in up to seven years.

The release of land for residential development is a critical issue for southern Tasmania. Over 2 000 new dwellings are needed each year to meet the State’s long-term supply needs through to 2031.

Increasing the amount of land available for new homes will help reduce the upward pressure on land prices.

Including some smaller lots in the subdivision will help Tasmanian families buy homes at affordable prices.

Primary access to the site will be from the Channel Highway via a new road network. Changes to traffic systems and the creation of new road infrastructure will enhance safe and efficient uses of road networks in the area.

The new road network will be public transport friendly and will create the opportunity for bus services for the new homes as well as the existing Huntingfield community.

The proposed Huntingfield roundabout will provide a safer intersection and have minimal impact on travel time.

Current capacity exists to service the proposed lots as well as other current and future developments.

The subdivision will provide homes for a range of Tasmanians.

Lots will range from smaller lots of 132m² - 165m², suitable for townhouses and units providing affordable, easily maintainable smaller homes, through to lots larger than 500m² suitable for larger family homes.

Overall site area is 67 hectares.

Equals one lot per 1 425m².

Development area is 33.88 hectares

Equals one lot per 720m².

Standard residential subdivision minimum.

Equals one lot per 450m².

Communities Tasmania will use a competitive procurement process to find a suitable developer to partner with to develop the subdivision.

Many local contractors and sub-contractors will be employed on this project.

The subdivision works are expected to inject around $19 million into the local economy, creating over 140 local jobs.

The construction of homes on the land is expected to generate over $120 million, creating over 850 jobs.