Housing Tasmania

Housing Tasmania is committed to improving the life of Tasmanians in need by reducing homelessness and housing stress.

Housing Tasmania provides housing assistance for Tasmanians with low incomes and special needs. We directly provide some services, and we fund other organisations to deliver services.

The range of housing and homelessness products and services for people on low to moderate incomes with housing needs in Tasmania include:

  • homelessness shelters
  • supported accommodation
  • public rental housing
  • aboriginal rental housing
  • community rental housing
  • assistance to private renters
  • home ownership assistance.

Housing Tasmania operates within the Department of Communities Tasmania. Our strategic direction is outlined in the Departments Strategic Plan, while our operational plans focus on the delivery of the services that provide better outcomes for our clients.

Housing Tasmania is within the Housing, Disability and Community Services (HDCS) business unit that provides a range of services to assist vulnerable people to participate in the community.

We are committed to ensuring we are accountable for the services and funding we provide, and transparent about reporting our performance.

Our structure includes:

Program Support

Provides a coordinated support role to HDCS including data, information and business systems; and executive, business and administrative support, including Ministerial and  corporate liaison.

Housing Programs

Provides planning, purchasing and performance functions to ensure that the overall housing system design is effective, and programs are operating both effectively and efficiently. This includes housing advice, performance advice, program development and program delivery.

Portfolio and Supply

Delivers all asset management functions including asset planning, maintenance, capital upgrading and construction. This includes Housing Tasmania’s sales program.

Tenancy Services

Manages tenancy outcomes achieved through social housing providers (including Housing Tasmania and Better Housing Futures). This includes the delivery of tenancy services state wide for around 8 000 public and Aboriginal housing properties.

Organisational Chart. Peter White is the Chief Executive of Housing and Disability Reform. Program Support for the Business Unit provides business information system support, business systems management including projects, information management and business analysis, data request, business and performance information, Ministerial liaison, executive and administrative support, central business support unit liaison. Ingrid Ganley is the Director of Disability and Community Services. The functions of Disability and Community Services are operational policy, program management, implementation of NDIS, performance reporting for disability and community services delivery. Jessemy Stone is the Director of Housing Programs. The functions of Housing Programs are service planning, evaluate service efficiency, set priorities and direction, design services and develop responses, strategic asset planning and analysis, performance reporting for housing and housing program management. Richard Gilmour is the Director of Portfolio and Supply. The functions of Portfolio and Supply are increase supply, sustainability and quality of affordable housing portfolio, facilitate portfolio realignment, asset decision making, maintenance of homes, sales and home ownership and implement capital investment programs. Lynden Pennicott is the Director of Tenancy Services. The functions of Tenancy Services are direct tenancy management, management of Better Housing Futures agreements, tenancy support, community tenancy management and operational policy.