Tasmanian Gambling Exclusion Scheme TGES)

Tasmanian Gambling Exclusion Scheme

The Tasmanian Gambling Exclusion Scheme (TGES) is based in the Gaming Control Act 1993. The TGES provides a means for patrons to exclude themselves from gambling. People can be excluded from gambling in a number of different ways:

This is where a person experiencing gambling problems excludes, or bans, themselves from gambling. This is organised through Gamblers Help counsellor who, in addition to assisting with the self-exclusion process, is able to help the person with their gambling problem. Exclusions can be venue or activity specific, and are for a time period agreed to by the client and counsellor.

To arrange an exclusion, contact Gamblers Help services in Tasmania:


Phone 1800 243 232 or visit the Anglicare Website

Relationships Australia

Phone 1300 364 277 or visit the Relationships Australia Website

This is where the licensee of a venue or their staff excludes a person where they believe that the person’s behaviour is affecting their own welfare or the welfare of others. The venue operator has significant power to exclude a person where they consider that it is appropriate and where the reason is gambling related.

This is where a person with a close personal interest in the welfare of another person applies to the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission for that person to be excluded from gambling (including internet-based gambling).

This is where a person experiencing gambling problems through an internet-based gambling site excludes themselves on-line. This can be undertaken by following the prompts available on the site or by speaking with Gamblers Help staff. This type of exclusion is for a minimum period of 6 months.

For more information about the TGES, please visit the Department of Treasury and Finance Tasmanian Gambling Exclusion Scheme page

Tasmanian Gambling Exclusion Scheme Community Education Campaign

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