Programs and Activities

Community and school programs

The GSP and Gamblers Help support and conduct community programs to address problem gambling issues. We work with school and community organisations and local government to provide information about the risks of gambling, how commercial gambling works, and where help is available for people affected by gambling.

The GSP, through the Charitable Organisations Grants Program , funds programs that address health and well-being issues within vulnerable groups in the community. Education and training resources for key groups such as the youth sector are produced.

Gambling and Young People. Information for teachers and school staff - This resource assists teachers and school staff identify and respond to young people where there is a risk of gambling related harm. It comprises three short videos, and online support information. Content includes information about current gambling products young people may be using, statistics about youth gambling, and the potential harms to young people of excessive gambling in the household. Suggestions on how school staff can respond, such as talking with the young person, making referrals and implementing education programs are also included.

Schools can invite a community educator from Gamblers Help to present the videos and additional information to staff, or run a program for the students.

What's the Real Deal? is a teaching and learning resource for high schools. It is comprised of four units of work across several curriculum areas, each with flexible delivery options, class activities and assessment options. Gamblers Help counsellors and community educators are available as guest speakers.

Information for migrants and international students

The GSP worked with Migrant Resource Centre Tasmania, TasTAFE, Gamblers Help and the University of Tasmania to make these videos. The videos explain the issues and show where migrants and international students living in Tasmania can find help and support for gambling problems. The videos also suggest places to meet new friends, and gain employment skills and qualifications.

Access the videos here

Information for health and community workers

Health and community workers may be working daily with community members affected by problem gambling without that problem being disclosed. The GSP develops and distribute materials for health and community workers on problem gambling signs, screening tests and specialist referral information, communications tips and more.
See information for GPs and health professionals