It is important that Disability and Community Services know what is going well with the funded disability and community services that are provided to Tasmanians. It is also important to know when there are problems.

Most disability and community services are provided by community organisations. These organisations are known as service providers and are funded by Disability and Community Services. This includes services such as the Gateway Services and Neighbourhood Houses.

Your feedback is important because it may make something better for you and lead to better community services and support services for people with disability. It may also lead to better communication between people and service providers; assist in identifying areas for improvement and enhance service delivery.

What is feedback?

Feedback can be a compliment for good service, or a complaint about a service you receive or someone else receives that you are unhappy about, or related to an allegation of abuse or neglect.

Who can provide feedback?

Anyone can provide feedback such as, service users, community members, people with disability, families, carers or advocates. You can provide feedback about the service you received or you can provide feedback on behalf of someone else.

Can someone help me to provide feedback?

Yes. You can ask a family member, carer or friend to help. You may like to use an Advocacy service. These services work with you to speak up for yourself to make sure your views and opinions are heard and understood. These services are free, independent and confidential. The following organisations may be able to assist:

  • Advocacy Tasmania
  • Speak Out Association of Tasmania
  • Association of Children with Disability

How can I provide feedback?

Feedback can be provided in writing, in person, by telephone or in an email and some organisations will have forms to help you with providing feedback.

For more information

Please call 03 6166 3578 or email csih.businfoserv@communities.tas.gov.au