The ‘Medication Management Framework’ has been updated following an amendment to the Poisons Regulations 2008. The amendment allows Disability Support Workers to assist with self-administration of narcotic substances under certain circumstances.

The insertion of paragraph 95AA into the Poisons Regulations 2008 means that Disability Support Workers (DSWs) can assist another person to self-administer a narcotic substance if:

  • the substance has been lawfully supplied to the other person
  • the other person has the mental capacity to manage the administration of his or her own medication
  • the other person does not have the physical capacity to self-administer the substance.

The ‘Medication Management Framework’ has now been updated, and can be found at the DCS website

Disability Service Providers’ can now enable DSWs to assist with self-administration under the conditions outlined in the regulations.

The full link to the regulations can be found at the Legislation website at Tasmanian Legislation website

If you have any queries please contact Disability Services Policy and Programs on email or phone (03) 6166 1127.

Updated January2018

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