Grant Programs

Grants for Charitable Organisations

In Tasmania, support for charitable organisations is specifically provided for through the Community Support Levy (CSL). Under Section 151 of the Gaming Control Act 1993 (the Act), the CSL is raised from the gross profits of electronic gaming machines (EGMs) in hotels and clubs, plus percentage of the Commission paid by Tasmanian players of betting exchange operators.

Monies in the CSL are put back into the Tasmanian community through a range of services and programs including services for people affected by problem gambling, gambling harm minimisation and prevention campaigns, research, community development and community education.

A percentage of the CSL is set aside for the benefit of charitable organisations. These funds are distributed through the CSL Charitable Organisations Grants Program. The Department of Communities Tasmania  Gambling Support Program administers the Charitable Organisations Grants Program.

Since the introduction of the CSL in 1997, a diverse range of not-for-profit charitable organisations have received monies through the Grants Program.  A list of organisations that have received funding from this levy can be viewed here

Communities, Sport and Recreation Tasmania also provides CSL grant programs for the benefit of sport and recreational clubs.

CSL Grants Round

The next CSL Grants Round is expected to be announced in the second half of 2019.

All CSL grant rounds are advertised widely, including through the Grant Alerts mailing list.

For information about a range of grants available to community organisations and local government, please subscribe to Grants Alerts by emailing

For more information about the CSL Grants Program, please contact the Gambling Support Program at or on (03) 6166 3579.

Projects funded through previous CSL Grants Rounds can be viewed at the Previous Recipients page.