About the Gambling Support Program

The Gambling Support Program (GSP) is a unit of the Department of Communities Tasmania. The GSP's activities are funded by the Community Support Levy (CSL), and provide a public health response to the risks and harms of gambling.

The CSL is funded by a percentage of the gross profit derived from gaming machines in hotels and clubs paid into the Levy under the control of the Treasurer.

The Gaming Control Act 1993 provides the legislative framework for the licensing and regulation of gaming in the State's casinos, and for the operation of gaming machines and Keno in hotels and clubs. It also provides the legislative framework for the Tasmanian Liquor and Gaming Commission (TLGC) and the CSL. The CSL is held in trust within the Department of Treasury and Finance.

The CSL must be distributed by the Treasurer in the following manner:

  • 25% for the benefit of sports and recreation clubs;
  • 25% for the benefit of charitable organisations; and
  • 50% for the provision of:
    • research into gambling;
    • services for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of compulsive gamblers;
    • community education concerning gambling; and
    • other health services.

The Gambling Support Program Strategic Framework guides the delivery of the Department's public health response to gambling in Tasmania.

The Gambling Support Program Strategic Framework 2014 – 2019 provides a platform for the program's strategic direction,  policy and services and the delivery of a wide range of initiatives to reduce the harm from gambling in Tasmania over the next five years. The Framework has three main focus areas:

  • Focus area 1: Providing services – Individuals, families and communities who have access to quality services and support.
  • Focus area 2: Reducing harm – A Tasmanian community empowered to make informed choices about gambling.
  • Focus area 3: Building capacity – Tasmanian communities able to identify and respond to gambling related harm and issues

View a copy of the Gambling Support Program Strategic Framework 2014-19

The GSP works with many stakeholders, including: