The United Nations has designated 15 June as World Elder Abuse Awareness Day.  On this day, each year, communities all over the world take a stand against the abuse of older people.

We cannot be certain how many older Australians are being abused, however, the Institute of Family Studies suggests it could be as many as 10 per cent, or, approximately 380 000 Australians.  World Elder Abuse Awareness Day gives us all the opportunity to promote respect and dignity for older people.  Purple is the internationally recognised colour for raising awareness of Elder Abuse, and people are encouraged to wear purple on this day every year in support of the event, which is also widely used to promote World Elder Abuse Awareness Day events.

The Tasmanian Government supports COTA Tasmania to organise activities around the State such as walks against Elder Abuse and public workshops to mark World Elder Abuse Awareness Day each year.

Further information on Tasmania’s World Elder Abuse Awareness Day activities for each year can be found at COTA Tasmania's website