Why plan?

It is important to have a strategic and operational plan in place to make sure your organisation or club has clearly defined objectives, with a common understanding among everyone involved of what is to be achieved and how.

Plans help guide employees and volunteers to use their time and resources more effectively. Providing clear objectives and assigning tasks to be undertaken in line with these objectives leads to better outcomes and a more coordinated, productive organisation.

The planning process

Planning is the process of thinking about where you are now, where you want to be in the future and how you are going to get there.

Strategic plans outline who you are, what you do,  and where you want to be as an organisation. A strategic plan would typically include the following:

The operational plan (or business plan) covers how your organisation will achieve your strategic priorities by detailing specific strategies and actions.

Before you begin planning, it is beneficial to take a look at your state and/or national sporting organisation’s plan. Their plan can provide you with a valuable starting point, be used as a guide for developing your own plan and assist in developing stronger linkages with your affiliate body.

For more information on the benefits of planning and what is involved during the planning process please read the information sheet on Strategic and Operational Planning for Sporting Organisations. (PDF 602.5KB)

The links below also contain further information and resources you may find useful throughout your planning process.

Before you plan