The following information is about how to set-up and run a sporting organisation or club.

Set-up and management

Incorporation (PDF, 214.22KB)

Forming a Board or Committee (PDF, 218.02KB)

Board and Committee management (PDF, 235.87KB)

Financial management, events and fundraising

Financial management (PDF, 229.29KB)

Insurance (PDF, 220.32KB)

Event management (PDF, 249.83KB)

Marketing and promotion (PDF, 218.03KB)

Sponsorship, fundraising and grants (PDF, 196.75KB)

Managing people (members and volunteers)

Volunteer management (PDF, 200.78KB)

Child Safe Sport


Member Protection

Communicable Diseases (PDF, 224.2KB)

Work Health and Safety Act (PDF, 206.64KB)

Outdoor sports and bushfire smoke

Civil Liability Act (PDF, 220.4KB)

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