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Martine Delaney

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Martine Delaney

Awarded for service to Human Rights, Justice and Corrections; Community Advocacy and Inclusion; and Sport and Recreation

Born: 15 October 1957

Entered on roll: 2021

Transforming Tasmania for a Fairer World

Martine Delaney has played an indispensable role in achieving legal reforms such as marriage equality, anti-discrimination protections and birth certificate reform enabling greater inclusion for trans and LGBTIQ+ people.

In 2003, Martine joined the Equal Rights Network (ERN), a national voice and lobbying platform on LGBTIQ+ issues, became a board member of Working it Out and an active member of the Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group.

From 2004, Martine began meeting with successive Tasmanian Attorney Generals, calling for changes to the state’s legal recognition of gender. In 2006, she also started lobbying the Australian Government about reforming gender markers on passports. During the 2006 Tasmanian State Election, Martine stood up for inclusion and the rights of trans and gender-diverse people.

FIFA, the international football body, developed inclusive policies in 2005, after Martine became the first person in the world to play both Men’s and Women’s senior soccer.

In 2011, Martine was part of a small group of advocates who worked with the Department of Foreign Affairs to revise passport regulations - enabling trans and gender-diverse people to have their gender legally recognised on travel documents.

In 2017, Martine was a founding member of Transforming Tasmania.  In 2019, the Tasmanian legal recognition of gender was reformed.

Martine was also a founding member of both the Australian Coalition for Equality (ACE) and Australian Marriage Equality (AME), national LGBTIQ+ advocacy groups focusing on marriage equality.

In 2013, Martine became one of the first “human books” in the Hobart Human Library. Her story is one of incredible courage and resilience.

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