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Gloria Andrews

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Gloria Andrews

Awarded for service to Aboriginal Affairs

Born 1947

Entered on roll: 2013

A role model and mentor.

Respected Tasmanian Aboriginal Elder Gloria Andrews was born in 1947 and has been actively engaged within her community and is a role model and mentor for her extended family and community.

Gloria's vision is to share her knowledge about her culture and promote positive aspects about her people, their history and culture; especially her knowledge about bush foods, medicine and the environment.  

Gloria is an advocate of cultural education. She assisted the St Helens District High School create a bush tucker garden to facilitate learning about and sharing native Tasmanian food.

Historical research is also important to Gloria who found an interest in all history when she worked in the St Helens History Room.

Gloria was also a member of the Project Council of Elders with the University of Tasmania's field study project, Telling Places in Country. This project aimed to retrace and re-map George Augustus Robinson's progress through Aboriginal country while on forays to make contact with North East clans. It raised awareness of the significance of Tasmania as an Aboriginal place and landscape.

The success of Telling Places in Country relied heavily on the participation and guidance of the Elders who had long and strong connections with a range of Aboriginal community organisations and government bodies.  Their role as knowledge custodians and cultural mentors was important in facilitating the telling of Aboriginal stories about themselves, their ancestors and their history.

Gloria is passionately involved in the Blue Tier preservation of Tasmanian Aboriginal heritage; and the environment, heritage and history in Tasmania's North East.

The Blue Tier is a very special place for me and the reasons for my   protest is that the environment is being destroyed, which in turn is destroying my cultural heritage. As a Tasmanian Aboriginal person, I have a very strong connection to the land…

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