• Always ask for the normal retail price before asking for your discount or presenting your Card.
  • Always present your Card prior to receiving a written quote.
  • Have your Card number ready when you are making a booking or obtaining a quote over the phone.
  • Always present your Card prior to payment on over-the-counter transactions.
  • Shop around and compare prices before making a purchase. The discount does not guarantee the best price. You may be able to purchase it cheaper elsewhere.
  • If you have a complaint about a product or service, take it to the trader or supplier as soon as possible. If you are uncertain or uncomfortable about contacting the trader about your complaint, contact Consumer Affairs & Fair Trading on 1300 654 499.
  • Help to support the growth of the Seniors Card Program by encouraging businesses in your local area to join the Program.

Participating businesses are encouraged to display promotional material in positions that are clearly visible to Card holders.

Simply present your Card at participating businesses to receive the discount. If in doubt, ask the business if they provide a discount to Seniors Card holders.

Please note: Businesses DO NOT have to honour discounts after a transaction has occurred.