The Multicultural Consultative Reference Group advises the Government on multicultural issues, and on development and implementation of the Tasmanian Government Multicultural Policy and Action Plan.

The function of the Multicultural Consultative Reference Group is to:

  • advise the Government on the review and implementation of the Tasmanian Multicultural Policy and associated Action Plan
  • raise awareness and promote the Tasmanian Multicultural Policy among diverse sectors, communities, ethnicities, ages, genders, and physical locations
  • represent the views of relevant sectors or community groups
  • enable sharing of information and advice between government agencies and key non-government agencies
  • act as an information channel to the organisation that members represent
  • support concurrent work being undertaken by the Government to increase and retain Tasmania’s share of new migrants.

The group comprises members from the settlement and multicultural sectors, the University of Tasmania and key Tasmanian and Australian Government agencies.