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Valuing volunteering

The Tasmanian Government strongly supports and recognises the value of volunteering in Tasmania through its relationships with Volunteering Tasmania (Tasmania’s peak body for volunteering) and other Tasmanian volunteer-based organisations.

Volunteering in Tasmania – the Facts and Figures

Volunteering helps build stronger, more connected communities. There are a number of benefits for individuals and organisations that result from volunteering including:

  • building skills and networks;
  • improving physical and mental health and wellbeing; and
  • positively contributing to the wellbeing of other individuals and communities.

Tasmanians are particularly well known for volunteering their time, with past research showing that Tasmania leads Australia in rates of participation.

The value of volunteering to Tasmania was estimated at $4 billion in 2019, as referenced in Volunteering Tasmania’s biennial State of Volunteering in Tasmania report.

The report also shows that:

  • There are 297 000 Tasmanians over 15 years of age who volunteer in Tasmania - 68.8 per cent of the adult population.
  • In total, Tasmanians donated at least 68.2 million volunteer hours to the community.
  • Volunteers contribute on average 229 hours a year, or 4.4 hours every week, to their fellow Tasmanians.
  • Volunteering is Tasmania’s largest sector (larger than both the private and government sector).
  • Volunteering in Tasmania enabled at least $4 billion in benefits to the State.


How you can volunteer

A volunteer at a festival in Salamanca Place, Hobart

Visit the Volunteering Tasmania website to find volunteering opportunities in your community and field of interest.

Volunteering Tasmania’s Volunteer Connect portal makes it easy for volunteers and organisations to find each other and ensure a great match.

Through Volunteer Connect, you can search the database for vacancies, and organisations can place free advertisements for volunteer positions.

Find a volunteering role by accessing Volunteer Connect

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