State Government Initiatives, Programs and Policies

Securing Food Security for Tasmania’s Most Vulnerable
  • A suite of 2021 Election Commitments to extend Government’s support for those most in need, supported by $3 million funding over three years.
Expanding 24 Carrots to more Schools
  • A 2021 State Election will support an additional five schools join the program, teaching more Tasmanian children how to grow, prepare and enjoy eating healthy produce through a school kitchen garden program.
Transforming Tasmania’s Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • A 2021 State Election commitment to trial three Tasmanian Community Health and Wellbeing Networks to empower communities to improve their health literacy and awareness, and coordinate place based preventative health initiatives.
  • Development of the next Healthy Tasmania five-year Strategic Plan.
  • Support community-based programs and initiatives which encourage good health and wellbeing through the Healthy Tasmania Grant Program.
Loaves and Fishes Tasmania
  • Emergency Food Relief Core Funding.
Foodbank Tasmania
  • Emergency Food Relief Core Funding.
Food Vans
  • To assist with the provision of emergency food relief to Tasmanians in need.
School Lunch Pilot Program
  • A 2021 State Election commitment expanded a school lunch pilot to 30 schools over the next two years, to encourage healthy eating and support better student learning outcomes.
Family Assistance Program
  • To increase provision of direct emergency relief and preventative support programs to Tasmanian families suffering financial hardship.
Neighbourhood Houses Program
  • Funding support to facilitate programs using a community development model to build individual and community capacity.
Eat Well Tasmania
  • Funding support for Eat Well Tasmania to influence healthy eating in Tasmania and connect the local food system with the community.
Tasmanian School Canteen Association (TSCA)
  • Core funding and School Food Program support for TSCA to work with Tasmanian schools to build on practices that promote and support a whole school approach to eating well, in line with the Australian Curriculum.
Family Food Patch
  • Empower families and local communities (particularly those from low-income and rural areas) to take action to improve the health and wellbeing of children, with a particular focus on eating well and being physically active.
Healthy Tasmania Strategy
  • Healthy Tasmania is a Tasmanian Government and community partnership that supports community-led and evidence based preventive health activities.
Premier’s Health and Wellbeing Council
  • Established to provide advice on cross-sector and collaborative approaches to improving the health and wellbeing of Tasmanians.
Tasmania’s Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy
  • Tasmania’s first comprehensive whole-of-government strategy for children and young people 0-25 years old (to be released in 2021).