The Premier, as Minister with responsibility for the carers portfolio, oversees the Carer Policy and the Action Plan. DPAC will coordinate and monitor implementation of this Action Plan.

The Tasmanian Government recognises the key role of the Australian Government in delivering carer support services and leading the implementation of key national reforms affecting carers.

The CIRG will provide the platform to communicate and collaborate with Australian Government representatives throughout the implementation of the Action Plan.

Implementation and reporting:

The Action Plan is a living document. The Tasmanian Government will take a flexible and contemporary approach to implementing actions over time to ensure that they respond to the best available evidence, particularly in a time of rapid change for the social services sector, at state and Australian Government levels.

The CIRG will help inform responses to emerging issues and opportunities affecting the Action Plan’s objectives.

DPAC will prepare an annual implementation/progress report to the Premier, outlining achievements and identifying next steps.

DPAC will publish this report on its website and promote it through the CIRG.

Monitoring and evaluation

During the implementation of the Action Plan, the Tasmanian Government will continue to consult with Carers Tasmania, MHCTas and the sector to understand how it is contributing to positive outcomes for Tasmanian carers.

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