The Carer Policy defines a carer as:

1. A person who provides, in a non-contractual and unpaid capacity, ongoing care or assistance to another person who, because of disability, ageing conditions such as frailty, mental illness, chronic illness or pain, requires assistance with everyday tasks.

2. A grandparent who is a carer of his or her grandchild if:

a) the child lives with the grandparent; and

b) the grandparent is the primary caregiver and decision maker for the child.

However, if a child’s parent or parents remain the primary caregivers and decision makers for the child, the child’s grandparent is not the child’s carer only because:

a) the grandparent cares for the child while the child’s parent or parents are working; or

b) the child, together with the child’s parents, lives with the grandparent.

3. For the purpose of this Policy, a person is not a carer:

a) simply because they are the spouse, parent, guardian or relative of a person who requires care; or

b) if the person provides care or assistance as a volunteer for a voluntary organisation.

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