The Tasmanian Carer Action Plan 2017-2020 has been developed to implement the Tasmanian Carer Policy 2016.

The Tasmanian Carer Action Plan may also be downloaded below:

Tasmanian Carer Policy 2016

The Tasmanian Carer Policy 2016 recognises the commitment of unpaid Tasmanian carers and supports them in their caring role, and their active participation in economic, social and community life for themselves and the people for whom they care.

There are over 84,000 informal carers in Tasmania, of which 28,300 are primary carers. These include:

  • ageing parents caring for adult children;
  • children caring for parents; and
  • grandparents who, for a variety of reasons, are now the primary carers of their grandchildren.

Tasmanian Carer Policy 2016

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