The Premier, as Minister with responsibility for the Communities, Sport and Recreation portfolio, will oversee Accessible Island: Tasmania’s Disability Framework for Action 2018-2021. DPAC will coordinate the annual reporting to PDAC on Accessible Island through the Disability Action Plan Working Groups in each agency, TasTAFE and THS.

Accessible Island will replace the DFA 2013-2017 as the Tasmanian Government’s implementation plan for the NDS. Tasmania will report on its implementation through the bi-annual Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Progress Report.

PDAC will provide advice and feedback to agencies through its program of regular meetings with the Heads of Agencies.

Implementation and reporting

Agencies, including TasTAFE and THS, will develop Disability Action Plans (DAPs) to implement their commitments under Accessible Island.

Agencies will provide annual DAP progress reports to PDAC. Agencies currently report on the following outcome areas:

  • access to services and programs;
  • access to employment opportunities, career development, recruitment and retention;
  • access to buildings, facilities, venues, off-premises events; and
  • access to information (printed materials, websites, audio and video).

Agencies will also be asked to:

  • provide updates on program initiatives;
  • respond to recommendations in previous PDAC reports; and
  • report on indicators that are linked to the three principles underpinning Accessible Island.

Accessible Island is a living document. The annual reports to PDAC and face-to-face meetings with Heads of Agencies will provide a mechanism for PDAC to provide real-time feedback on the implementation and emerging issues.

PDAC will provide an annual implementation/progress report to Cabinet, outlining achievements and identifying areas for further action. PDAC’s report will be published on the DPAC website.

Monitoring and evaluation

During the implementation of Accessible Island, the Government will continue to consult with PDAC, people with disability, the disability services sector and the Tasmanian community to understand how Accessible Island is contributing to positive outcomes and equitable access for people with disability.

Agencies will be asked to include qualitative and quantitative data in their annual reports to PDAC to map their progress against the three principles underpinning Accessible Island. Some indicators are suggested below.

Access and inclusion
  • Number of building appraisals to ensure accessibility.
  • Number and scope of modifications to buildings and other infrastructure to ensure accessibility.
  • Proportion of websites that are WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliant.
Employment in the State Service
  • Number of adjustments put in place for employees with disability.
  • Engagement with Disability Employment Service providers.
  • Number of agency specific Diversity and Inclusion plans developed and implemented.
  • Number of Diversity and Inclusion toolkits developed and implemented.
  • Identification of barriers and initiatives/opportunities to support people with disability.
  • Take-up of a learning package for all State Service Employees to improve their awareness of the ways to support people with disability in the workplace.
  • Workforce diversity (i.e. number of State Service employees identifying as having a disability).
  • Number of agencies with Diversity and Inclusion indicators incorporated into senior leaders’ performance management.
Collaboration and consultation
  • Participation in cross-agency and cross-sector work on disability initiatives.
  • Consultation with people with disability on policy and service delivery including an Annual Stakeholder Survey to provide feedback on progress of the State Service Diversity and Inclusion Framework and propose new initiatives..

The proposed data collection is not intended to be exhaustive; however, it will provide a snapshot. Agencies will be asked to continue to provide data that they have previously provided in relation to specific programs and initiatives.

PDAC will also assume an additional reporting role from 2018. This will be to monitor the implementation of the measures in the Disability Justice Plan for Tasmania 2017-2020 (the Plan). DoJ will coordinate annual reporting on the Plan to PDAC. PDAC will provide a response to the Secretary DoJ, if required, and will also have the opportunity to discuss implementation of the Plan with Heads of Agencies during their face-to-face meetings.

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