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The new and improved Ticket to Play sports voucher program opened on 1 July 2020.

The key objective of Ticket to Play is to increase the number of young Tasmanians playing sport to support the Tasmanian Government’s objective of Tasmania being the healthiest population by 2025.

Who is eligible for a voucher?

Under the new program, eligible children can apply for two vouchers worth up to $100 each towards club membership at Approved Activity Providers. Children aged 5-17 years and listed on a Centrelink Health Care or Pensioner Concession Card or in Out of Home Care are eligible. All children who received a voucher during coronavirus, between January and June 2020 are eligible to apply again.

For information and to apply for a voucher click here.

Who is eligible to be an Approved Activity Provider?

Sporting clubs, Scouts, Girl Guide and Cadet organisations are eligible to be activity providers where they meet the Activity Provider Conditions.

All Approved Activity Providers from the coronavirus period between January and June will remain registered in the new program. Please contact us if you need to update your details.

What can vouchers be used for?

Vouchers can be used towards the cost of membership. It cannot be used for equipment or uniforms if these are not included as part of the membership fee.

For each voucher presented, the activity provider will reduce the participant’s membership fee by up to $100 at the time of registration. Participants can choose to use their vouchers at two different activity providers, or both at one.

What about vouchers from during coronavirus?

All unredeemed vouchers issued between January and June 2020 are now invalid. Participants must reapply through the new program.

Vouchers used for registration at an Approved Activity Provider between January and June remain valid for registration where the season is going ahead.

For parent/carer/guardian coronavirus FAQs click here. For Approved Activity Provider coronavirus FAQs click here.

Get your Ticket to Play and join a club today!

Contact us at tickettoplay@communities.tas.gov.au or on 1800 252 476.

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