Banking and Financial Services Ombudsman

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The Banking and Financial Service Ombudsman (BFSO) provides a Bulletin for young people, their parents, teachers and advisers. The Bulletin highlights cases involving problems experienced by young people with mobile phone, credit card and other debt.

Commonwealth Bank Foundation - Financial Literacy Curriculum Resource

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A free resource to help teachers improve their students’ knowledge, skills and understanding of financial literacy.

Commonwealth Bank Foundation - StartSmart Teacher Development Workshop

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Programs for secondary school students and their teachers. Workshops give teachers the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities, meet fellow practitioners, closely explore financial literacy in the curriculum and share ideas around financial literacy education. The Workshops give students the opportunity to share ideas, play games, learn new skills and leave them better equipped to deal with financial challenges.

Finance First project (Citigroups Australia and YWCA NSW) - Makingcents

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An online package of curriculum based materials for delivery to primary school students. Includes lesson plans, units of work, advice to teachers, games, student worksheets, and web based materials. Programs for lower, middle and upper primary school covering: using money, budgeting and spending, and calculating costs.


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Security4Women is an alliance of women’s organisations united in the belief that economic wellbeing and financial security are essential for women and will enable women of all ages to have an equal place in society.

Women's Legal Service Tasmania - Girls Gotta Know: Money

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This website has information specifically designed for young women and girls on managing your money, making smart purchases and understanding loans and debts.

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