A group of young women The Women and Girls in Tasmania Report (the Report) provides a statistical snapshot of the current status of women and girls in Tasmania.

The Report was initiated as a key action under the Tasmanian Women's Plan 2013-2018 (the Women's Plan) as another vital step forward for gender equality in Tasmania by improving the evidence-base we use for policy and service development.

The Report provides a unique baseline profile of women and girls in Tasmania by bringing together a range of data relevant at the commencement of the Women's Plan that spans its six outcome areas:

  • Health and Wellbeing;
  • Economic Security and Financial Independence;
  • Education and Training;
  • Housing and Homelessness;
  • Safety and Justice; and
  • Leadership and Community Participation.

The data comes from a wide range of published sources and can be used by government, non-government and private sectors to inform policy development and service delivery.

Importantly for implementation of the Women's Plan, the Report provides data for measuring change during the coming years. As new data becomes available and the outcome areas are updated it will help us to assess our progress in achieving equality for women and girls in Tasmania.

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