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(1932 - )
BEc LLB (Hons), LLD (Hon) Tas, PhD Duke University (USA)
Barrister and Solicitor (Tas)
Scholar in: Administrative Law, Constitutional Law, Legal History, Parliamentary Law and Practice

Enid CampbellEnid Campbell is recognised as one of Australia’s leading scholars in constitutional law and administrative law. She was born in Launceston in 1932. She graduated dux of Launceston Methodist Ladies College before enrolling in economics and law at the University of Tasmania. Enid shared the top law student prize when she graduated in 1955. Wanting to continue her studies overseas she accepted a scholarship to Duke University in North Carolina. There she achieved a PhD that included the study of international law, jurisprudence and public administration.

Professor Campbell returned to the University of Tasmania in 1959 as the first full-time female lecturer in the Law School, where she lectured all-male classes. In 1960 she accepted an opportunity to teach at the University of Sydney. In 1967 she was appointed the Sir Isaac Isaacs Professor of Law at Monash University, holding the position until her retirement in 1997. Enid was awarded an OBE in 1979.

She became Chair of Law at Monash University. Enid was the first female Dean of a Law Faculty in Australia. In 1990 to celebrate the University of Tasmania‘s Centenary Professor Campbell was bestowed the degree of Doctor of Laws honoris causa.

Professor Campbell has served on many important bodies such as the Commonwealth Tertiary Education Commission of 1987, the Royal Commission on Australian Government Administration in 1974 and the Constitutional Commission for the Australian Bicentennial. She is also the author or co-author of a number of books and over 90 articles, chapters, reports or conference papers covering topics such as the regulation of coastal fisheries to freedom of speech.

Bibliography of works available from the State Library of Tasmania

The Australian Judiciary / Enid Campbell & H.P. Lee (2001)
Australian law schools: a discipline assessment for the Commonwealth Tertiary Education Commission / Dennis Pearce, Enid Campbell, Don Harding (1987)
Contempt of royal commissions / Enid Campbell (c1984)
Freedom in Australia / Enid Campbell & Harry Whitmore (1966)
Legal research : materials and methods / Enid Campbell, Lee Poh-York, Joycey Tooher (1996)
Liability of public authorities / Enid Campbell (1985)
Parliamentary privilege / Enid Campbell (2003)
The prerogative power of dissolution : some recent Tasmanian precedents / Enid Campbell (1962)
Presentation of legal theses / Enid Campbell (1978)
Rules of court: a study of rule-making powers and procedures / Enid Campbell (1985)
Well and truly tried: essays on evidence, in honour of Sir Richard Eggleston / edited by Enid Campbell and Louis Waller assisted by Gretchen Kewley (1982)

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