In 2004 the Office of the Status of Women released a training manual for employers called Domestic Violence and the Workplace: Make it your Business. The manual encourages employers to develop specific domestic violence policies that provide consistent guidelines for the management of domestic violence within the workplace.

As the manual states, for many people a greater part of their life is spent at work. For victims of domestic violence, the abuse can and does follow them to work, exacting an enormous toll on themselves, colleagues and the workplace. Domestic violence can result in increased absenteeism and sick leave usage, workplace violence and stress, diminished work performance, lost productivity and high staff turnover.

The manual covers the following modules.

Module 1: Understanding Domestic Violence

Module 2: RECOGNISE - Domestic Violence as a Workplace Issue

Module 3: RESPOND - Developing a Workplace Response to Domestic Violence

Module 4: Management of a Coordinated Workplace Safety Plan

Module 5: Training & Awareness within the Workplace

Module 6: REFER - Knowing the Resources

To obtain a copy of the training manual 'Domestic Violence and the Workplace' contact the Office for Women.

The Australian Government Office for Women website has a range of resources which include a training manual, 'Domestic Violence and the Workplace: Training Manual', with accompanying PowerPoint presentation, 'Domestic Violence: A Workplace Handbook' and companion resources such as business card-sized crisis contact cards, workplace posters and a video.