Australia is and will remain an immigration country. Tasmania's population growth is led by natural increase, followed closely by net overseas migration.  Over the next decade Tasmania's net overseas migration is anticipated to grow.

Any business that wants to stay competitive will be aware of the need to come to terms with diversity, both inside and outside the business.  Many businesses have identified significant benefits which arise as a result of having a culturally diverse workplace.

There are many stories which demonstrate that workplaces which embody a diversity culture outperform those that do not.  Diversity promotes equity, increases problem solving capabilities, enhances decision-making, customer responsiveness, productivity and market share.  It's good for business.

Each year Tasmania welcomes over 1000 new migrants into the community, including a significant number of humanitarian entrants, who come here with hope, ambition and a desire to work hard for Tasmanian employers.

If your business would like to know more about providing work experience opportunities for new migrants, there are a number of services willing to support and help you.

To find out more about services and contacts in your region please download the employer resources.

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