COVID-19 Sport and Recreation Grants Program Tranche 2

Status: OPEN

Applications will close on Monday, 31 August 2020 at 5.00 pm or when program funds are exhausted. Outcomes will be advised within six weeks of lodging an application.


The Tasmanian Government acknowledges the impact of COVID-19 and resulting sporting competition postponements and cancellations on revenues for the organisations that support these activities.

Consistent with the Government’s intention to keep Tasmanians in work, where possible, and to ensure these sports can continue once the public health advice enables this to occur, the Government announced  $2 million in grants for the sport sector to be administered through the Communities, Sport and Recreation (CSR) Division of Communities Tasmania.

Tranche 1 of the COVID-19 Sport and Recreation Grants Program provided sporting organisations with grants of up to $150 000 to assist with maintaining employment for six months in eligible sporting organisations facing reduced revenue streams due to COVID-19.

Tranche 2 of this funding will provide sport and active recreation clubs and associations with grants of up to $3 000 to assist with hygiene and equipment purchases to comply with the relevant Return to Play plan.

Eligible organisations

This grant program is open to Tasmanian sport and active recreation clubs.

In addition, applicant organisations must be:

  • an incorporated, not-for-profit organisation; or
  • a not-for-profit company registered under company law;
    and be:
  • affiliated to a State/National Sporting Organisation recognised by Sport Australia; or
  • affiliated to an organisation funded as a State Active Recreation Provider (SARP) under Communities, Sport and Recreation’s State Sport and Recreation Grants Program.

Eligible Projects

Eligible projects include the purchase of equipment or supplies necessary to ensure a safe return to play under the organisation’s COVID-19 safety or Return to Play plan.

Applicants are urged to support Tasmanian businesses and suppliers and to purchase Tasmanian products whenever possible.

Examples of such equipment can include, but is not limited to:

  • hygiene supplies such as hand sanitiser, soap, and disinfectant;
  • additional equipment to comply with safety measures such as thermometers and face masks;
  • additional protective equipment for players to avoid the need to share equipment;
  • additional equipment for training to meet hygiene requirements e.g. balls, training bibs, cones;
  • additional game day equipment to meet hygiene requirements; and
  • printing of additional signage regarding COVID-19 safety.

Purchases made on or after 8 May 2020 for the purpose of enabling a safe return to activity are eligible for reimbursement under this program.


There is just over $900 000 funding available under this program. Organisations will be funded on a ‘first-in’ basis.

Applicants are eligible to apply for up to $3 000 in funding.

Guidelines and Application Form

Guidelines - PDF 206 KB

Application Form - Word 333 KB

Application Form - PDF 258 KB

Submitting an application

  1. Complete, sign and date the Application Form (attached) ensuring you demonstrate how the equipment will be used and how the purchase will assist the organisation ensure a safe return to play.
  2. Attach proof of price for all items identified. Proof of price may include written quotations with ABN displayed, catalogues/webpages demonstrating actual price of items or receipts for eligible items already purchased.
  3. Email your signed application form and scanned attachments to:

For further information, please contact Communities, Sport and Recreation by emailing or phoning on 1800 252 476.