Status: CLOSED

Applications closed on 30 April 2020. Applicants will be contacted for any additional information or verification of evidence to assist with the assessment process.


The Tasmanian Government acknowledges the impact of sporting competition postponements and cancellations on revenues for the organisations that support these activities.

Consistent with the Government’s intention to keep Tasmanians in work, where possible, and to ensure these sports can continue once the public health advice enables this to occur, the Government has announced a $2 million sports grants program to be administered through the Communities, Sport and Recreation (CSR) Division of Communities Tasmania.

Tranche 1 of the COVID-19 Sport and Recreation Grants Program will provide grants of up to $150 000 per sport to assist with maintaining employment for six months in eligible sporting organisations facing reduced revenue streams due to COVID-19.

Funding can only be used to pay staff employed in Tasmanian sporting organisations undertaking sport-related duties. The funding will be based on evidence of demonstrated need, including an assessment/validation of revenue and expenditure.

Further information on the Tranche 2 will be provided by July 2020.

What does the program fund?

Funding provided through tranche 1 of the COVID-19 Sport and Recreation Grants program is specifically to assist with salary costs for six months for employees across sporting organisations that are undertaking sport-related duties. This includes:

  • administrators/managers
  • development officers
  • ground/facility maintenance staff (e.g. turf superintendents or green keepers)

Organisations seeking funding for positions not outlined above may be considered based on evidence provided showing it is an essential function for the delivery of the sport’s activities or programs.

The program provides funding to assist with the costs of any employee contracted on 1 March 2020 in a sports-related role in a full-time, part-time or casual capacity.

This program will not fund hospitality-based positions or any other commercial, non-sport related positions. For more information on funding relevant to hospitality, please refer to Business Tasmania.

For further information, please contact Communities, Sport and Recreation by emailing or phoning on 1800 252 476.