Community Car and Coach Fund 2021-22

Status: OPEN

Applications open on Thursday, 1 July 2021, and will close at 5:00 pm on Monday 30 August 2021.

The details of the successful applicants will be made publicly available at Unsuccessful applicants will receive a letter advising they have been unsuccessful, with details of how to request feedback on their application.


The Community Car and Coach Fund will help communities to purchase vehicles to provide local transport for access to essential services, connecting people to employment, education, health and wellbeing services, social and other support networks - particularly in Tasmania’s regional communities where other transport options may be more limited.

The Fund will support local solutions that provide direct transport support to disadvantaged Tasmanians or groups.

Organisations can apply for funding for a car, a minivan or a mini-bus to meet the needs of their community. The service offered by the applicant using the funded vehicle(s) will be at the applicant’s expense including the ongoing cost of the vehicle.

The Tasmanian Government is providing $500 000 to the Fund, to be administered as grants to successful applicants.

Eligible vehicles

Funding must be used to purchase a new car, minivan or mini-bus from a reputable dealer that operates in Tasmania.

The vehicle must meet all Tasmanian road safety standards and be suitable to provide direct transport support to disadvantaged Tasmanians or groups.

Successful recipients must not receive delivery of the vehicle(s) until insurance arrangements have been put in place for the full replacement cost of the vehicle(s).

Guidelines and Application Form

Applicants should read and understand the program Guidelines prior to applying.

How to apply: Details on how to apply are included in the program Guidelines and Application Form.


Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the Contact Officer before preparing their application to ensure they understand the Program’s requirements and can present their best case for funding.

Contact Officer: Catherine Clemens, (03) 6165 8365 or