Solar Power for Sporting Clubs Program

Status: CLOSED


The Tasmanian Government is committed to increasing opportunities for all Tasmanians to participate in sport, advancing our renewable energy capability and supporting community action.

During the 2021 State Election the Tasmanian Government committed $10 million for Tasmanian sporting clubs to apply for grant of up to $20 000. The funding was made available to approved applicants for the purchase of an accredited solar power system to reduce electricity running costs to the club.

The Solar Power for Sporting Clubs aimed to offer sports clubs in Tasmania the ability to reduce the electricity costs in the long term and utilise funds normally spent on electricity to sustain other valuable sporting activities.


Funding was available to applicants who:

  • Hold a valid Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Are located and operate in Tasmania
  • Are an organisation recognised by its members as a sports club or is an organisation that’s primary purpose is to facilitate sporting activities
  • Are the party responsible for the electricity connection at the facility
  • Own the facility, or have permission from the owners of the facility, where the solar system is proposed to be installed

Applicants must not be:

  • Public listed companies
  • Local, State of Australian Government agencies unless the facility’s primary purpose is to house an organisation(s) that facilitates sport activities.


CSR can be contacted on 1800 204 224 or email: