Sport and Recreation Grants and Loans Programs

Communities, Sport and Recreation provides funding to increase opportunities for participation in sport and active recreation in Tasmania, and to assist the ongoing development of Tasmania's sport and recreation sector.

Clubs, not-for-profit organisations and local government entities that provide sport and active recreation opportunities to the Tasmanian community are invited to apply.


For the purposes of Communities, Sport and Recreation's grant programs:

  • 'Sport' is defined as:

    A human activity involving physical exertion and skill as the primary focus of the activity, with elements of competition where rules and patterns of behaviour governing the activity exist formally through organisations and is generally accepted as a sport.

  • 'Active Recreation' is defined as:

    Active recreation activities are those engaged in for the purpose of relaxation, health and wellbeing or enjoyment with the primary activity requiring physical exertion, and the primary focus on human activity.


In 2020-21, the COVID-19 Sport and Recreation Grants Programs – Tranche 3 and Tranche 4 are being offered in place of the Minor and Major Grants Programs. Further information about these programs is available here.

Funding is available through the following grant programs:

Sport and Recreation Grants and Loans



Once a program has closed and the assessment process is complete, successful recipients can be found on the link under the relevant program.

COVID-19 Sport and Recreation Grants

Grant recipients

Please go to the relevant grant program to view the most recent recipients.

Fact sheet for successful grant recipients (PDF)

Community Grants

Communities, Sport and Recreation also administers a range of community Grant Programs.

For further information, please contact Communities, Sport and Recreation by email at or phone on 1800 204 224.