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Wendy Noeline Frohmader

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Wendy Noeline Frohmader

Awarded for service to Education and Training

Born: 13 May 1943

Died: 9 August 2005

Entered on roll: 2008

Wendy Frohmader was, and continues to be, a role model for the women and girls of Tasmania. Her life was one of dedication and service – to her family, friends, her community, and her profession. (Carolyn Frohmader, 2008)

Wendy Frohmader was born in Hobart and educated at Ogilvie High School, a school with which she would continue to be associated for most of her life.

Wendy left school at an early age to take up employment to supplement the family income. She married early and had given birth to her third living child by the age of 21. She was married to Barry for 45 years, and in all they had five children.

Although devoted to her role as wife and mother, Wendy was committed to her childhood ambition to become a teacher. She gained her Education Degree while raising four young children and working two jobs. She went on to teach at Rose Bay High School, St James College Cygnet, and Ogilvie High School.

Wendy spent 30 years as an Ogilvie staff member in the roles of teacher, Grade Supervisor, Assistant Principal, and Acting Principal. She was the first Ogilvie Old Scholar to have held the position of Principal.

Wendy’s contribution to Ogilvie went beyond her role of teacher. She had a strong sense of social justice and often took responsibility for the welfare of ‘at risk’ girls. Wendy raised funds for a wide range of causes including many charities as well as for the benefit of individuals in need, including Ogilvie girls, their parents and staff members.

Wendy worked extensively with the ‘work experience’ programs for senior girls over many years, developing school-community and school-employer contacts and networks which enriched Ogilvie’s position in the wider community. She provided invaluable support to Ogilvie’s choral music program, including leading the concert choir trips to Europe and Japan. Wendy also represented Ogilvie at a special ceremony at Mejiro Gakuen, Ogilvie’s sister school in Tokyo, presenting an address to that school’s community and fostering the development of Tasmanian-Japanese links at a broad educational level. In recognition of her outstanding work, Wendy received a Tasmania Learning Together Award for Educational Excellence in 2003.

Wendy died after a courageous battle with breast cancer in 2005. In 2006, Ogilvie opened its new performing arts complex, naming it the ‘Frohmader Block’ in her honour. The annual Wendy Frohmader Memorial Prize is awarded to a student who demonstrates courage in pursuit of her goals, a fitting tribute to the way in which Wendy lived her life.

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