Eight men were sleeping under a shelter behind Messines Hill, a shell landed right in the centre of shelter, slightly wounded one and blew Burt out. We found his dead body at daylight fully 60 yards away – death must have been instantaneous. I saw them take him away on a stretcher, but did not know anything about his burial. I knew Burt from being in the same Battalion.

-        Informant – L Featonly 709, C.Coy 40th Battalion.

A number of soldiers witnessed the death of Private Walter Burt who was killed by a stray shell at Neuve Eglise in Belgium.  According to one report, the shell also wounded six soldiers.

Walter Burt, a labourer from Hobart, Tasmania, joined the 40th Battalion on 17 May 1916. 

Private Burt was killed near Kandahar Farm, Messines sector.  According to an eye witness account, Private Burt "...was buried where he fell near the farm house which was a dressing station." 

Private Burt was researched by Ogilvie High School teacher, Leif Shea, for the Frank MacDonald Memorial Study Tour in 2014.  The group visited Private Burt's grave at the Kandahar Farm Cemetery, in Belgium, as part of the tour.

View Private Walter Burt's war service records and the Red Cross Wounded and Missing reports.

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Kandahar Farm Cemetery, Belgium