Mary Anthony WalshBorn: 27 May 1895

Elisted:  3 January 1916

Died:  4 August 1916

When we see the boys returning,
And our hearts they throb with pain,
To think you are not there dear Mark.
And you will never come home again.
Always happy and cheerful,
With a heart that had no fear.
He went to face life’s battles,
For all he loved so dear.

I can always see a smiling face
Through a mist of sorrowing tears
But a mother’s part is a broken heart
Through many a lonely year.
When flags are o’er the roadway,
And the troops are marching home,
Oh! God have pity on the watching ones
When boys can never come.

Three years after Private Mark Anthony Walsh died his family placed the tributes above in the Daily Telegraph Launceston Tasmania on 4 August 1919.

In 2016, 100 years after Private Anthony's death his memory lives through research by his great-great-niece, Karen Pape, a teacher at Sacred Heart College, Hobart, Tasmania, who went on a pilgrimage with the Frank MacDonald Memorial Study Tour.

Read Karen Pape's research about Private Mark Walsh. (PDF, 609.93KB)