Amelia Hanson standing in front of a memorial wall full of poppies. Amelia is holding a teddy bear in Australian Infantry Force uniform. Charles Chick

Amelia Hanson, of Riverside High School, researched Private Charles Chick, for the Frank MacDonald Memorial Study Tour.

The story of my Great-Great-Great-Uncle Charley Chick holds a special place in my heart. Prior to beginning this study, Charley Chick was just a distant relative to me, however through research and tracing his past I feel I have been brought so much closer to him, and the rest of the Chick family. This has opened my eyes further to how unfathomable the figures are when so many lives where cut tragically short during World War One.

Stories like Charley’s are important for us to remember, to cherish, to remind us what is precious – life and freedom and how easily they can both disappear. We need to remember the bravery, the hopes that they all had for us and ensure we strive to honour their memories.

- Amelia Hanson

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