Faded photograph hints of a grander story

Private Harold Stephenson "...was wounded at some point while serving on the Western Front. His children remember a story in which he was stretchered to a First Aid post behind the lines. 'Thank goodness I’m out of that” was Harold’s thought at the time. Two days later, he was sent back.

For the rest of his life, Harold carried schrapnel under his skin. Sometimes he allowed his grandchildren to feel it. The truth is that Harold hardly spoke about the war to any of his children. These clouded years are like a faded, sepia photograph that hints of a grander story but blurs the telling of details”

Joshua Brennan never met Private Stephenson, but has developed a greater understanding of his great-grandfather, and World War One, after researching Private Stephenson for the Frank MacDonald Memorial Study Tour in 2018.

Entering the Frank MacDonald MM Memorial Prize

Josh Brennan of Rose Bay High School is passionate about film making and editing and applied his skills to produce an audio video for the Frank MacDonald MM Memorial Prize.

Josh's audio video was a success, resulting in his selection for the Frank MacDonald Study Tour 2018.

Josh researched  his great-grandfather, Private Harold Stephenson, for the Frank MacDonald Study Tour.  Harold fought in the British Army and the Grenadier Guards before moving to Australia as a soldier settler.

Josh is keen to learn more about what World War One was like for the British, as well as the Diggers.

Written statement

Josh Brennan addressed this statement for the Frank MacDonald MM Memorial Prize:

1917: the worst year of a hideous war (for Australia and Australians) wrote Max Blenkin, defence correspondent Australian Associated Press, 14 December 2016. How accurate do you think this statement is?