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Priscilla Park OAM

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Priscilla Park

Awarded for service to the Environment

Born: 13 August 1929

Entered on roll: 2009

It’s all because of a love of birds. I just hate to see their habitats being desecrated. (Priscilla Park, 2007)

Priscilla Park was born in South Africa in 1929. She came to Tasmania in 1960 after living in England and training as a physiotherapist at a London hospital.

Over a period of 40 years, Priscilla has made a significant contribution to the improved conservation status of birds in Tasmania, particularly shore birds. She is considered an authority on many aspects of Tasmanian birds and their habitats by state and local governments. She has had papers published in respected scientific journals. Priscilla has also been involved in the field supervision of numerous higher degree students from the University of Tasmania and Macquarie University.

In 1971, Priscilla was a founding member of the Bird Observers’ Association of Tasmania, now Birds Tasmania. She continues to be an active member of its Executive and Conservation Committees.

Since the establishment of Birds Tasmania, Priscilla has conducted almost annual summer and winter shore bird surveys in the Derwent and South-East region. More recently she organised statewide shore bird counts, including on the North and North-West Coasts.

Priscilla has been described as a dynamo. She is a passionate and tireless worker for the cause of bird conservation. In the words of Sally Bryant, a noted Tasmanian zoologist: “she remains singularly the best liked, most respected and most valuable member of an non-government organisation with respect to shore bird conservation in Tasmania.”

Priscilla’s work to preserve coastal habitats is carried out not only for the conservation of the birds’ dependent on these environments, but also for future generations of Tasmanians. She is an inspiration for those involved in the protection of the environment.

In 2007, Priscilla received a Medal of the Order of Australia for service to the environment.

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